Beginners Tennis Lessons

Beginners Tennis Lessons

Beginners Tennis Lessons T ennis for beginners might seem a bit overwhelming at first but is ultimately a very simple game when you get the hang of it. For beginners all you need to practice is getting the ball over the net within the lines. As a novice tennis player, our beginners tennis lessons are designed to first teach you the basics of the game.

This will lay a rock solid foundation and is the most important phase for a future tennis player’s growth. The fundamentals taught in our beginners tennis lessons will provide a base from which players learn and improve from. By using the “play and stay” method of coaching we find that beginners develop faster as they achieve success more often.

Using low compression balls, mini nets and smaller courts for our beginners tennis lessons, we build up their confidence and ensure they learn proper technique much quicker. We also introduce the basic rules of tennis, the layout of the court and how to keep score during this phase of coaching.

Tennis is about having fun, keeping fit and most importantly staying healthy. While we do nurture natural talent with their mental, physical and emotional skills, we strive to keep every beginner interested with coaching specifically geared to bring out the best in everybody.

It takes much more than money for lessons, racquets and walking on the court. Our Beginners tennis lessons focuses on a synthesis which makes the game of tennis so challenging and fun.

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