Intermediate Tennis Lessons

Intermediate Tennis Lessons

Intermediate Tennis Coaching These are players that have progressed past the beginner stage and start to show potential with respect to match play. For intermediate players our focus falls heavy on slightly more advanced match tactics and fine tuning player’s technique.

At this stage of intermediate tennis lessons, basic match specific conditioning is introduced, all with the goal of preparation towards tournaments and match play. It’s at this stage where tactical target work is introduced.

This is the stage where players, along with coaches and parents decide what their ultimate goal in tennis is, whether it is to play competitively, socially or just for fitness purposes. Using these pre-determined goals we will structure lessons towards future success.

Tennis coaches need to stress the fact that players should set realistic goals and work hard to achieve them. Our Intermediate Tennis lessons focuses on winning tennis and All intermediate players should strive to play winning tennis with our guidance.

Winning tennis means controlling the movement of the ball back and forth over the net one more time than your opponent using variations of spin, speed, power and control. With that settled we can move to the best way for YOU to accomplish this, and it will probably be a different game, unique to your personality, physique, mental, emotional and competitive requirements.

Remember, stepping up to a more competitive level requires more than just tennis skills, we also have a qualified life coach to prepare the players mentally for the challenges ahead. The Step Ahead Tennis Coaching Team is here for you every step of the way, we want nothing more than to see you being seeded on the ITF Rankings!

Our certified team of tennis coaches are here to assist with specialist advice and training, so give a call if you or your child is looking for intermediate tennis lessons today.

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