Group Training

Ideal for young players just starting out. Group sessions are a little less pressured with a lot more fun!

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Squad Training

Experience a level of intense tactical training, match specific conditioning and mental preparation.

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Specialised Coaches

Our qualified coaches are here to help you with every aspect of the game and are geared to bring out the best in every player.

Fundamental Skills Development

We help your kids from a very young age develop their balance, coordination and motor skills while having fun with the ITF Play & Stay method.


PARENTS WHO WANT THEIR CHILDREN TO BE COMPETITIVE IN SPORT, BUT ALWAYS TO DEMONSTRATE GOOD SPORTMANSHIP (EVEN WHEN THEY LOSE) MUST LEAD BY EXAMPLE Whilst I encourage a winning, fighting, never-give-up spirit – I am desperate to ensure that my learners have fun doing it, and that they remain perfect ladies/gentleman on and off the…

MATCHPOINT” seminar/training & development camp

Alderd Burden had the opportunity of attending the “MATCHPOINT” seminar/training & development camp and rubbed shoulders with some VIP’s of tennis!!!! WHAT IS MATCHPOINT??? Is a foundation which creates a platform where current and former SA players share their knowledge and experience with up and coming players, coaches and parents.  Topics discussed amongst others were:…


We had the privilege of another workshop this year  (13 – 14 April 2015) – one day spent with only pupils, the other with only parents/coaches!! Proven AGAIN to be a HUGE success, awesome reviews, great feedback and enjoyed by all.  Thank you to everyone who made the effort to attend ABOUT JANNIE Studied to…