Tennis Coaching



Individual tennis coaching is done on a 1 on 1 basis with the player and coach. This is the most effective way to correct problems with technique and the player gets all the benefits from working with a qualified coach in an unpressurised environment. If you are serious about the game of tennis, then individual tennis coaching is highly recommended as you will progress much quicker than in any other type of tennis coaching available today.

Great for beginner, intermediate and advanced players looking for that extra edge in their tennis game.



Semi-Individual tennis coaching is done on a 2 to 1 basis i.e. 2 players per coach. A slightly more affordable option than individual coaching that’s great for intermediate players. Please contact us to check for availability and pricing on this option.



No more than 8 players to 1 tennis coach. Group coaching is the most affordable type of coaching and is ideal for younger players that are just starting out. There is less pressure and more fun to be had while still learning all the crucial techniques one would require to become a better tennis player.

Our ITF training method of play and stay is extremely successful in teaching the basics of tennis and is integrated into our group tennis coaching.



This level of tennis coaching is by invitation only. We select Advanced players that may require intense tactical training as well as match specific conditioning and mental preparation for serious individuals.

Due to the nature of the training and the amount of time we invest in squad tennis coaching, we invite individuals who not only possess technique but also mental strength to cope with the rigours of the tournament circuit. We recognise and nurture talent during the various stages of our coaching and try to get all serious players to a level where they can become part of the high performance squad.